Why Tutor Zone

Tutor Zone Sets the Standard for Educational Enrichment

       What makes Tutor Zone the right fit for you? Our focus on only offering one-on-one instruction allows us to customize each session to the student’s learning style, whether it may be auditory, visual or kinesthetic. Having an instructor who specializes in the subject needed, focus their complete attention on your child will allow us to attack weaker areas with more detail and progress quickly through concepts the student has mastered.
       Our curriculum during the school year is that of your child’s school, meaning that we focus on what they need the most attention on right away without confusing them with new material. Students who lack the fundamentals needed to succeed in school will be taught fundamentals concepts by connecting them to current material learned in school allowing them to show progress now.
       We are confident that our customized approach will work; therefore, we allow our customers to pay weekly without any commitment. Our goal is to have our students have the same instructor weekly so that they can develop a strong relationship around what the student needs. We reach out to our student’s teachers via email to close the communication gap allowing us to see progress much quicker.  
Graph showing how Tutor Zone compares to other tutoring companines

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