ACT Reading

Reading MC: 40 questions, 35 minutes

  1. Identify passage type as either: social sciences, natural sciences, literary narrative or prose fiction, or humanities (How does the identification of the type of passage actually help with answering questions? If there is reasoning to this then it could definitely work in our favor as a technique to use.)
    • Complete passage type determined most difficult first (this clearly answer my question below if you are able to jump around and skip passages and then come back to them but would it not take more time to read and then decide its difficult and later come back to it?)
      • This should be determined after completing multiple practice questions on each passage type.
  1. Read all questions prior to reading passage
  2. Identify each question as one either regarding “stated” or “implied” meaning
    • Circle/underline key words that indicate question type
      • This will help determine the amount of time potentially needed to answer each question (How do key words that we circle or underline tell us how much time we may need to answer the question? )
  1. Annotate specific lines and/or paragraphs as mentioned in questions prior to reading passage
  2. Annotate while reading passage
    • Annotations should be based on questions read
  3. Answer all questions based on passage
    • All answers must be justifiable with text evidence
  4. Make educated guess if running out of time