SAT/ACT Course Methodologies

Tutor Zone prepares its students through one-on-one interactive lessons focused on critical thinking skills, problem solving and techniques that are specific to either exam. We recommend a minimum of 10 hours of preparation accompanied with homework that is assigned for the student to reinforce concepts learned during the tutoring sessions. More hours of instructions are always great because it gives us time to dive deeper into the concepts.

For first time test-takers we go over all concepts covered in the exam as you can see the subjects below. For students who have taken the exam before we highly recommend bringing in their test scores so that we can customize the lessons attacking their main areas of concern and devoting the most time to these concepts.

SAT Concepts

Math- Hearth Of Algebra- Heavy algebra 1 concepts

Passport to Advance Math- Algebra 2 material

Problem Solving and Data Analysis- Ability to read charts and use number sense skills

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Evidence Based Reading – Reading, Writing /Language, and Essay

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ACT Concepts