El Verano en Tutor Zone

Mission Statement

I. Greetings: Begin Basic Greeting Sentences for Communication

  1. Students must be able to greet you when they come in and as they leave.
  2. Students must be able to identify different emotions.
    • Greetings:
      -Hola/ Buenos dias/ Buenas tardes/ Buenas noches
      -Senor/ Senora/ Senorita
      -Como estas/esta?
      -Bien/mal/triste/feliz/asi asi, Gracias
      -Y usted/tu?|
      -Adios/ Hasta luego/ Hasta la vista/ Hasta manana

II. AR Conjugation: Establish Foundation of Conjugations Through –ar Verbs

  1. Introduce conjugation using regular -ar verbs.
  2. What is Conjugation?
    • The variation of the form of a verb in an inflected language such as Latin, by which are identified the voice, mood, tense, number, and person.
    • The class in which a verb is put according to the manner of this variation:
      -Ex: I RUN quickly but he RUNS slowly.
      -Ex: We EAT anything, she only EATS veggies.
      -Ex: Not: They READS in class but he READ at school.
      http://grammar.yourdictionary.com/parts-of-speech/verbs/what-is-a-conjugated-verb.html (** explanation in English**)

III. Dates/Months/seasons/colors: Introduce Dates and Months

  1. Learn days of the week and months.
  2. Learn how to ask and respond for the date and birthday.

IV. -er and -ir Conjugation: Advance with Conjugation Through –er and –ir Verbs

  1. Introduce  -er and –ir conjugations rules and their similarities to –ar rules.

V. Adjectives: Work with Adjectives to Describe Themselves and Their Environment

  1. Exercise: Play a game of “Guess Who” in Spanish
    • Describe the characters using adjectives in Spanish
      -Example: “Eres un nino?”, “Tienes ojos azules?”, “Tienes un Sombrero?”
    • Once they have the hang of it, describe the character using tow adjectives. one to describe their appearance and one to describe their personality.
      -Example: “Tienes el pelo rojo y eres serio?”, “Tienes lentes y eres inteligente?”


Tutor Zone Methodology

Many tutoring organizations can claim to have individualized instruction, but Tutor Zone is one tutoring center that promises one full hour of one-on-one tutoring. This gives the opportunity for the student and tutor to work on concepts they are struggling with. Furthermore, your child will work with the same tutor every single time which allows them to build a solid relationship with one another.

Why Tutor Zone

Tutor Zone has been a place that has helped solidify skills for students for more than 10 years. We understand students may not want to go to tutoring. However, our methods and our approach towards education make learning enjoyable. This is one place we assure parents their children will love coming to. Each individualized lessons breaks down concepts in step by step making sure students grasp the concept and don't just memorize.