Grade 5

5th Grade Math

Session 1: Introduction to mathematical expressions
  1. Understand and interpret numerical expressions, combinations of like terms

Ex) 4+20-7
Ex) (2×3)+5

Session 2: Fraction operations
  1. Review of addition and subtraction of fractions
  2. Extend understandings of multiplication and division and apply them to fractions

Ex) 4/5 x 2/7
Ex) 3/6 ÷ 1/8
Ex) 5/7 + 2/3

Session 3: Percentages
  1. Introduce the concept of percentages and teach the students how to find the percent of a number.

Ex) 40% of 160

Session 4: Graphing
  1. Graph points on a coordinate plane
  2. Use graphing to solve problems involving real-world applications.

Ex) Graph the height of a window and a person sanding so far away with given points. Find how far away the person is standing from the building and how far the window is off the ground.
Ex) graph (2,3), (2,9), and (7,3)

Session 5: Patterns
  1. Analyze patterns and relationships in sequences and series

Ex) 1, 3, 5, 7,… What is the common difference?
Ex) 2+4+6+8+…

Session 6: Operations Practice
  1. Perform operations with multi-digit whole numbers and with decimals to hundredths.

Ex) 7.359 x 2.45
Ex) 2910 + 4893
Ex) 2.453/7.8

Session 7: Unit applications
  1. Combine and convert like measurement units within a given measurement system.

Ex) 2cm + 79mm
Ex) convert 3.8ft into inches
Ex) 1m x 49cm

Session 8: Review
  1. Complete and challenging review of course material covered in the past eight weeks.