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Tutor Zone is always looking to build a stronger team by hiring new instructors!


  • Tutor Zone instructors will help students in a one-on-one environment working with each student for one hour intervals. Instructors help our students in many ways including guidance with homework as well as getting the students ahead in their school’s curriculum.
  • Instructors will also work around other fun lively co-workers who share in the same college experience making everyday unique. Working with the students may vary from instructing them on a white board while preparing for an exam or just guiding them along as they work on their homework. This great opportunity helps build on the experience of working with student’s of all ages and growth in communication skills while dealing with parents.
  • Flexible schedule: Our flexible schedule options allow you to choose your own schedule for both days and times. This opportunity is great for those in college or those who want flexibility in their lives.
  • Grown with Tutor Zone program: The purpose of this program is to empower our instructors by providing leadership roles, LEAD Instructors, and providing our team with mentorship that will not only guide them during their academic mentorship role but also catapult their professional career.
  • Opportunities to expand: Not only do we offer opportunities to grow in the company but opportunities to expand beyond just tutoring. We have instructors who teach and write blogs, create content, and run our social media.
"Working with Tutor Zone has been such an amazing experience, both professionally and personally. From having the opportunity to work in various settings to being able to connect and rely on an awesome team, TZ has set the bar high when it comes to education companies. Proud to be part of the team!"
Cyrus Trujillo
Social Media Manager
"Working at Tutor Zone has been an extremely rewarding experience. I was provided with opportunities to expand and learn in different roles and positions, ultimately allowing me to find my place and strength at TZ. I have learnt that it is possible to adapt and excel in all situations, given the right leadership, community, and support.
Anumita Nag
Blog Editor
"Working at Tutor Zone has provided me with the experience and support I never knew I needed to pursue a career in the field of education. I have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful students, truly empowering them through education, and the chance to learn from other instructors on the various programs I have been a part of during my time at Tutor Zone."
Viviana Cabrera
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