Grade 4

4th Grade Math

Session 1: Review and Absolute Value

  • Review material learned the previous year to assess how much has been mastered and what areas are less sound.
  • Review multiplication, division, and basic
  • Begin discussing absolute value of whole numbers, positive, and negative numbers on a number line.
  • Decimal and fraction placement on a number line (<, >, =) relations

Session 2: Decimals, Rounding, and Large Numbers

  • Teach placement of tens, hundreds, thousands, etc. of large numbers through millions and down to the thousandths place on decimals.
  • Convert simple fractions to decimals and back.

Ex) 1/3 to 33.3% and back

Session 3: Number Factoring

  • Discuss factors of numbers and how to find those factors. Find factors of numbers up to a hundred. Introduce how to use factors to make numbers similar. (Lead into fraction operations)

Session 4: Fraction Operations

  • Introduce fractions with different denominators and how to add, subtract, multiply and divide them.

Session 5: Long Division

  • Introduce long division of large numbers up to the thousands.
  • Review long multiplication

Ex) 4391/651
Ex) 765* 89

Session 6: Prime Numbers

  • Introduce the concepts of prime numbers. Which common counting numbers are prime, what the definition of prime is, implication on division.

Ex) Attempting to factor 23

Session 7: Word Problems

  • Conduct word problems incorporating ideas such as fraction operations as well as absolute value and factors of numbers to begin to connect the material the students are learning to more concrete ideas to make the material more understandable.

Session 8: Simplification and Review

  • Introduce the concept of like terms and simplifying expressions with at least 2 different types of terms.
  • Introduce order of operations to simplify expression with multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.

Ex) 3a+6b+2c-5b+2a+3b-1c+2b+7c-4a=_
Ex) 3+4×2+8-2×3+1×8=_

  • Review: Prime numbers, number factors, fraction operations, absolute value, and negative numbers.