Grade 3

3rd Grade Math

Session 1: Large Numbers

  • Understanding placement values of whole numbers up to thousands;
  • Rounding numbers to the nearest tens, hundreds, or thousands and writing them in expanded notation.

Ex) Which number is in the hundreds place of 4,384? Write 345 in           expanded notation: 300+40+5

Session 2: Addition of Decimals

  • Review addition and subtraction with focus on addition and subtraction of up to two decimal places.

Ex) 345 + 231
Ex) $10.99 + $4.32
Ex) $56.20 + $23.12

Session 3: Multiplication and Division

  • Understanding multiplication principles and relationship between multiplication and division.

Ex) Multiplication and division from 0-100
Ex) 8 x __ =48 or __ ÷ 3=15

Session 4: Fractions and Decimals

  • Understanding concepts of whole numbers, simple fractions, and decimals.
  • Understanding fractions on a number line

Ex) 0.5 is 5/10 or ½
Ex) 3 is 3/1

Session 5: Units, Metric and Imperial

  • Understanding the appropriate use of metric units including inches, feet, centimeters, miles, liters, gallons, etc.

Ex) 12 inches = 1 foot
Ex) Would you measure a book in inches or feet?

Session 6: Time

  • Understanding estimation of intervals of time.

Ex) It is 3:15 PM, how many more minutes until 4:30 PM

Session 7: Area and Perimeter

  • Understanding concepts of area and relate area to multiplication and to addition.

Ex) Areas and perimeters of squares, rectangles, and triangles

Session 8: Representing Data/Review

  • Understand how to represent data using graphs.

Ex) Draw a bar graph in which each square in the bar graph might    represent 5 pets.

  • Complete and challenging review of course material covered in the past eight weeks.

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