SAT Course Methodologies

The SAT Course is created in a form that drives a dynamic learning environment encouraging students to be active in the learning process. Adopting a college classroom environment challenges students to think critically and introduces them to the long term goal, which is to succeed in the SAT, allowing them to reach higher education.  Our instructors act as facilitators of the learning process and thus they direct the lessons rather than dictate them encouraging the material to become a shared enterprise.  We introduce our students to efficient techniques that will maximize their scores but most importantly we emphasize the skill of problem solving allowing them to tackle any type of question with confidence.

Learners should constantly be challenged with tasks that refer to skills and knowledge just beyond their current level of mastery. This will capture their motivation and build on previous successes in order to enhance the confidence of the learner. This is referred to as teaching in line with the zone of proximal development which can be described as the distance between the actual development level and the potential development level. The end goal of our course is to expand the zone of proximal development for each student allowing them to see the SAT in a different light than when the course starts.

Tutor Zone’s SAT course is geared to prepare students for the extensive SAT test.

The Tutor Zone SAT One-on-One Course consists of:

  • 4 one-on-one hour long sessions of math, where students reviews all areas, Heart of Algebra, Data Analysis and Problem Solving, Passport to Advance Math.
  • 6 one-on-one hour long sessions of the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing where students are provided with the critical thinking skills necessary to complete the critical reading and writing sections of the test as well as the essay portion.
  • We give students access to take up to 10 practice SAT Exams, given in the past with instant scoring to allow us to adapt future lessons to each student’s weakness.

We adopt a 60/40 approach meaning that 60% of the time is devoted to the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing sections because the actual SAT is constructed of about 60% of the questions coming from these sections. We do customize the attention devoted to each area depending on the student’s past scores or their weaker subjects.

The Tutor Zone SAT Group Course consists of:

  • The students will receive 12 hours of instruction: 6
    classes, each 2 hours in length. Every class will be devoted to
    a specific section of the exam. The course allows students to
    take classes in both Block 1 and Block 2.

    • If a student misses a session it can be made up in the following Block until all 6 classes are completed. However, if a student cannot attend the makeup class for the session they missed, one-on-one sessions can be added at our regular rate of $38 per hour.
  • La Habra Dates: February 16th-March 5th
    • Tuesday 7-9pm & Saturday 10am-12pm
      • Math 1: 2/16
      • Math 2: 2/19
      • Math 3: 2/23
      • English 1: 2/26
      • English 2: 3/2
      • English 3: 3/5
  • Placentia Dates: February 21st-March 8th
    • Thursday 7-9pm & Friday 4-6pm
      • English 1: 2/21
      • English 2: 2/22
      • English 3: 2/28
      • Math 1: 3/1
      • Math 2: 3/7
      • Math 3: 3/8