SAT Math

SAT Mathematics Course Summary

Preparing for the math portion of the SAT gives students the knowledge and skills essential to college and career success. Tutor Zone prepares students for each of the three topics on the SAT Math exam: Heart of Algebra, Passport to Advanced Math, and Problem Solving and Data Analysis. Students will strengthen their mathematical foundations with an in-depth understanding of linear equations. Then, they will build onto those foundations with a move toward nonlinear equations. Students will be able to apply appropriate data analysis techniques for real-world contexts. This is all while practicing the most efficient timing strategies and tools for tackling the exam.

The SAT challenges students to apply high school math concepts to several different situations, so students should gain familiarity with SAT style questions in order to improve their score. This course utilizes proctored practice tests, take-home assignments and a plethora of official SAT practice problems so that students know what to expect on test day.

SAT Mathematics Course Outline:

Heart of Algerbra

  • Solve and Interpret Linear Equations and Inequalities in Context
  • Solve and Interpret Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities in Context
  • Relationships Between Linear Equations and their Graphs
  • Solve problems with multiple steps, constants and fractions

Problem Solving and Data Analysis

  • “OPTIC” Strategy – Analyzing Graphs and Tables
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Percents, Ratios, and Proportions
  • Unit Rates

Passport to Advanced Math

  • Operations with Polynomials
  • Function Notation
  • Solve and Interpret Nonlinear Equations in Context, including Quadratic, Exponential, Rational and Radical Equations
  • Systems of Nonlinear Equations
  • Relationships Between Nonlinear Equations and their Graphs

Tutor Zone Methodology

Many tutoring organizations can claim to have individualized instruction, but Tutor Zone is one tutoring center that promises one full hour of one-on-one tutoring. This gives the opportunity for the student and tutor to work on concepts they are struggling with. Furthermore, your child will work with the same tutor every single time which allows them to build a solid relationship with one another.

Why Tutor Zone

Tutor Zone has been a place that has helped solidify skills for students for more than 10 years. We understand students may not want to go to tutoring. However, our methods and our approach towards education make learning enjoyable. This is one place we assure parents their children will love coming to. Each individualized lessons breaks down concepts in step by step making sure students grasp the concept and don't just memorize.