Press Release April 10, 2012:

“Coffee Break at Tutor Zone: The Local Community, Students, and the SAT Test”

Whittier-Grown Manuel Bermudez and Brian Magallanes, Owners of Tutor Zone, Give Back to their Community by Holding an Information Session about students and their college admissions process”

 In preparation for the June 2nd SAT Test Date, Tutor Zone will be hosting a “Coffee Break” on Saturday, April 28, 2012 at 6pm at our La Habra location. The Coffee Break is a free, no-commitment, information session for any parents and students thinking of taking the June 2nd SAT Test Date. During the session, enjoy coffee, an engaging and informative lecture and the opportunity to ask questions regarding the SAT.

The Coffee Break, open to all local residents, begins promptly at 6pm and lasts for about 45 minutes. The sessions will also allow members of the community to first, become educated about the test and secondly, meet and greet Tutor Zone’s SAT Preparation Course Instructors– local St. Paul High School Graduate (09) and Whittier College historian-in training (‘13), Mario Obando and Sonora High School graduate (09) and California State University, Long Beach teacher-in-training  (’13) Danielle Tolmasoff. At the Coffee Break, local community members will also meet Tutor Zone’s owners, business partners Manuel Bermudez and Brain Magallanes (both graduates of St. Paul High School, Class of 2003). Bermudez, a graduate of Cal-State Long Beach, and Magallanes, a graduate of Cal State Fullerton, will discuss their local experiences about applying to school, and subsequently, their commitment to empowering local students to do the same. This is an excellent opportunity for parents, guardians and students of all ages to learn about how Manuel and Brian, people from the local community, have succeeded and ultimately, how Tutor Zone can help. Tutor Zone will hold a series of upcoming coffee breaks educating the community on important events in our youth’s life. Tutor Zone is open Monday through Thursday, 3:30-8:30pm for one-on-one tutoring sessions and its next innovative Tutor Zone SAT Preparation Course begins Friday, May 4th.

At Tutor Zone, our seven years of experience of individually working with students from kindergarten to college has given us the insight to revolutionize learning. Our one-on-one experience has given us substantial knowledge in the world of academia. With high academic competition, the growing need for individualized education has become more important than ever. Our mission is to enlighten, strengthen, and motivate students with the necessary academic tools to succeed in today’s highly competitive world. Please join us at our coffee break and experience how “a little time makes a BIG difference.”




Mario Obando, Marketing Director

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