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Summer Opportunities

Group Classes

We are offering a variety of classes to keep students academically fit during the summer. Classes such as leadership, math, writing, and more all for $15/hour


Check out our various programs aimed at adding value to our students to excel in their academic careers

Group Classes

Math Classes

We are offering math classes from elementary school to Algebra 2 to help students in their next year's math class.

Writing Classes

We are offering writing classes from 3rd grade to High school to enhance our student's writing skills.


We are offering Spanish classes from preK to 9th grade to teach students about the wonderful language of Spanish.

And More

We also are offering classes in technology, entrepreneurship, business, and more.


Check out our three most popular programs.

Math Advance

Math Advance is a course that focuses on solidifying a strong foundation in math. The material covered is based on the upcoming year’s core concepts with the goal that these bases will catapult students into success in the upcoming year.

Writers of Tomorrow

The Writers of Tomorrow aims to build our student’s fundamental writing skills to better equip them for the complexities of college writing. In addition, we challenge each student to analyze and critique assigned texts, resulting in a multi-dimensional writing experience.

Rising Readers

Our Rising Readers program aims to develop students’ reading comprehension skills. We do this by showing students how to engage or interact with texts and how to analyze or interpret texts from multiple perspectives. Our goal is to move students from “on the lines” to “in between the lines” to “beyond the lines.”

Summer Details

To learn more about the various programs Tutor Zone has to offer during the summer, feel free to contact us at (562) 941-2222

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Summer hours being June 7th, 2021