Building Confidence in Education

Too many times adults say, “If I knew what I know now, I would have got straight A’s in High School.” The reality to that statement is that many young students really do not want to put the time and effort into education. Unfortunately, when we’re young we don’t truly see the importance of education. If it wasn’t for mentors in my life I probably would have thought like most. We live in a world today where everything is based off immediate gratification. fairpoint webmail login If we look at things from an adult perspective, we can see how that characteristic is still in a lot of us today. If people have doubts, I recommend them to go to the gym anytime from January to February and take notice of all the people there. Then go back a few months later a see who is still there. The reason is because if we don’t see results right away, most of us tend to think we never will. This is when we lose confidence the most. Furthermore, if we look at it from a student’s perspective it is reasons why children and teenagers struggle in subjects like Math, Reading, and Writing. Many students walk into class feeling like they will not do well so choose to not put in the effort.

An important tool for students is to really build that confidence. If they have had a history of struggling in one subject then they may not be able to dramatically improve their grade, but remember academics is a marathon and not a sprint. Some recommendations to perform well would be to get into tutoring, explain to your children the importance of asking questions in class, and to always stay on top of homework. Procrastination is one thing that lowers confidence in students.

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