The Tenth School in the UC System – UCSF

“Ten campuses. Endless possibilities,” is a well known statement shared across the UC system. Each campus within the UC system has something unique to offer its students. The diverse student population allows for the opportunity to understand new perspectives, as students pave the way for future innovation. While research is highlighted across all UCs, students and faculty at the University of California in San Francisco (UCSF) are especially driven by medical research. Since it is a graduate university only, UCSF provides students continuing their educational careers the opportunity to join, “the leading university dedicated exclusively to the health sciences” (USCF). 

More Information on UCSF

As a graduate school, UCSF’s association with the UC system often goes unnoticed despite the significant role it plays in medical research. UCSF became affiliated with the UC system in 1873, after having been founded as a private medical school in 1864. The reputation UCSF has established throughout the years continues to grow through its innovative research, teaching hospital, and highly recognized education.

Throughout the pandemic, UCSF has worked to establish a UCSF Pandemic Initiative for Equity and Action (UPIEA). This initiative is committed to creating an equitable healthcare system that is of quality (UCSF).

In addition to its graduate division degree programs, UCSF also offers admission into its School of Dentistry, School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and School of Pharmacy. No matter the degree being pursued at UCSF there is a shared commitment to, “its public mission to serve, educate, and care for the community” (USCF).

The Opportunity for Medical School

A new opportunity for community college students to pursue medical school has recently been established in Fresno, California. In partnership with UCSF, “14 community colleges around the Valley can apply for the program and must meet certain requirements” (Aguilar, 2022). This program does not automatically admit students into medical school, but instead the program offers support and resources for students to have a better chance of admittance.

Not only will this program offer students the opportunity to gain admittance to medical school, it will also help diversify the healthcare workforce (Aguilar, 2022). For more information on the student diversity within the UC System head over to Tutor Zone’s “The Student Diversity in the UC System” blog.

Through the pandemic, many of us have experienced first hand the physician shortage currently plaguing the healthcare system. By helping expand the opportunity to apply to medical school, a diverse student population will be able to represent their community as they work to make healthcare more equitable.

By Viviana Cabrera 


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