Wacky Wednesday

In the world of High School School Football one of the most important days of the week is Wednesday. The reason why is because football player’s preparation will be tested mainly on Friday nights. Although many students may not be part of the football team, one thing is certain: a student just like football players need to prepare hard two nights before their test.

Furthermore, many schools can see varsity football players doing “walk throughs” on Thursdays where players review everything they learned about their opponent for the week. Students need to relate more of their study habits to how a football team prepares for the game. This means a student should prepare for a Math, English or any other subject at least two nights before.

Studies show a student who studies frequently throughout the week has a much better chance of excelling than a person who studies the night before the test. The secret to succeeding on a teat is to make sure preparation is done properly!

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