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The College Dilemma: Enrollment Rates During COVID-19

The pandemic has caused a dramatic drop in college enrollment, with California experiencing the largest decrease in enrollment this spring. Local and national news outlets, along with research centers, are digging into the reasons behind this while dissecting socioeconomic and racial trends.  The Data  New data from the National Student…

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What It Takes to Succeed in College

Freshman Fears Imagine stepping foot on a college campus for the first time. Maybe you don’t know where your classes are located, or perhaps you feel nervous about making new friends. It is normal to feel lost, both physically and emotionally. Luckily, three of our Tutor Zone instructors, Anumita Nag…

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UCs low-income representation

As California prepares to vote on the reinstatement of affirmative action in public colleges, a very valuable discussion is playing out about dismal racial representation in our schools that is particularly evident at UCs. And as we continue to analyze how we can combat this problem, it’s worth taking a…