The standardized ACT / SAT test can be of great importance during your child’s admission to college. Many children assume that they can go into a ACT / SAT test unprepared, but then realize that studying would have helped them do quite a bit better.

Both the ACT and the SAT are predictable tests. The questions and multiple-choice answers are structured in such a way that your child can learn methods of determining right answers through Tutor Zone practice tests and test prep. A thorough ACT / SAT test prep will build your child’s confidence.

TZ Certified tutors who have taught the classes before and know the tests lead our SAT/ACT Prep courses. Your child will benefit from our guidance and the experience as professional tutor. Additionally, at Tutor Zone, our courses often offer a guarantee that your child’s score will improve through additional free lessons.

Starting Friday and Saturday, at Tutor Zone, La Habra, we will be conducting SAT/ACT Test Prep courses. Seats and availability is limited. Do not forget to follow us on Twitter (@TZLaHabra) for all the latest promotions and discounts available at our centers. Look us up on Yelp for a 20% discount on one on one tutoring sessions!!!

Call TZ now to sign up for our SAT/ACT Prep Course NOW!!! (562) 697-2493, we also provide one FREE assessment for your child prior to enrollment!

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